Scratch - Play Box - Grocery 2 In 1


It’s a new day in the bear family's shop.

Papa bear gets under way with the market stall; the magnet helps you attach the stall to the delivery truck.The other bears stay in the shop, where they discover all the goods on offer.

You can turn the box into a playhouse, which is handy for tucking your toys away nicely when you're done.

The box is made of sturdy cardboard, and the four wooden figures, the truck and the trailer (magnetic) are included.

  • Endless playing and combination fun with this Scratch accessory set!
  • The set is made of durable cardboard. Each piece is printed on both sides with lovely drawings and is approximately 3 mm thick. No tools are required. Helps children improve their hand-eye coordination and stimulates creativity. Perfect for children aged 3 and up.
  • Collect the Scratch play houses and the other accessory sets in this range and build a whole Scratch village for even more fun!
  • Mix+Play is available in 5 themes: the zoo, traffic, the park, the farm and a road system that you click together like a puzzle. Combine them with the Scratch play houses or with your favourite figurines, animals, train sets and car sets - or even with your own drawings! In short, the possibilities are endless.


a car with trailer, a dog and a bears family (3pcs), in carton and wood, in storage box

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