Scratch - Projection Nightlight - City


These cheerful night lights make bedtime a party!

The night light projects a beautiful starry sky in the child’s bedroom. Little dreamers who still want a light left on can enjoy a delightful show before they fall asleep.

Various themes: Safari, circus, garden, space, dinosaurs and city.

Thanks to its timer function, the light turns itself off automatically after 15 minutes. The night light can also be used as a torch that children can take with them while playing.

Or to light their way in the dark, why not?

Battery operated.

  • This dual function night light and projector in 1, is at its best when it is switched on and in a dark room. When it is not switched on, you might think the decor is a little faded. This is inevitable, because it is printed on a translucent film, which has to let the light through from the backside.
  • Push 1x for light, push a 2nd time to project on the ceiling.
  • Power save function: auto switch off after 15 minutes
  • Can also be used as a torch
Type: Night Light
SKU: 6182320