Scratch - Goose Game - Inca Trail


Game of the Goose, the ultimate classic family game, now in a fun Scratch version.

Throw the die to advance your game piece along the Inca trail. The first to overcome all the obstacles and arrive in the centre wins!

The perfect game for countless family moments, at home or on holiday.

  • Contents: game board (consisting of 7 puzzle pieces), 4 game pieces, die
  • Players: 2 to 4 - Preparation: each player chooses a piece. Place all the pieces on the space with the bird of paradise to start. The youngest player goes first. Play proceeds clockwise around the table.
  • Gameplay: everyone then has their turn at throwing the dice and each player moves their piece the number of moves on the dice they have thrown. Pieces can land on the same space, but be careful, because if you land on a space with one of the following symbols something special happens on the Inca trail!


4 wooden players and 1 wooden dice, in contour box

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