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Welcome to DAM - Unique modern European brands 

Since 1992, DAM has been distributing world class toys and gifts across Europe. We are a family owned company, managed by one of the original founders Jan Voorspoels, flanked by daughters Lies and Tine. Now, we are proud to offer FABULOUS, hard to come by, European specialty brands to the United States!

DAM has a lovely range of brands that appeal to all ages! Scratch is our playful and beautifully designed Belgian line; Avenir brings out the little artist in everyone; Scrunch Kids has a modern aesthetic with a long lasting, eco-friendly focus and Snails, the first brand to introduce water-based and washable nail polish

DAM selects its brands with great care and is always looking for surprising innovations that elevate toys to a higher level in ecological, educational and creative terms. Quality and safety are our priority, driven by play value and unique design!

Scratch - from Belgium

Scratch is our own wonderful brand.  Scratch is Belgian designed with love and thoughtfulness.  Our products range from puzzles and games to outdoor fun!  Toys for 3 to 103 – you are never too old to play!  Peek inside our SCRATCH world and you are certain to discover the perfect item to fill your days with joy!


Avenir - Be creative, be unique! - from Germany

The tag line for this incredible arts and crafts company says it all!  Every child is unique and has no limits!  Put one of these Avenir products in your child’s hands and see what wonderful discoveries come alive!  

Avenir banner USA


Scrunch - Roll it, fold it, Scrunch it! - from the UK

The Scrunch Bucket is a parent’s dream!  Take these eco-friendly, gorgeous little buckets with you no matter where you go!  Recyclable, smushable, squashable, roll-up-able, these toys will last a lifetime.  Made from recyclable silicone, this line of buckets, balls, nets and more makes saving the Earth so much fun!

Scrunch banner USA



Ludattica - from Italy

Beautiful, colorful, high quality Ludattica wooden puzzles are designed and made in Italy. All Ludattica wooden puzzles have a special shape and an illustrated landscape.


Poppik - from France

Meet Poppik and its exclusive concept. A ‘Poppik’ is a poster or card made with tens or hundreds of stickers to gradually create a giant and colorful image. The process is very simple; the result stunning! Discover these 'made in Europe' giant posters and the different collections.


Super Petit - from France

With soft touch silicone mats, SuperPetit is reinventing coloring. Draw or color, erase, and start again. Take them anywhere, they fold and roll up. SuperPetit is a French children’s brand that has reinvented coloring by developing a range of silicone placemats with a dust-free and smooth surface. Color, erase and start again!

Why choose DAM?
We are a company that believes in top notch customer service!  Our team in Maryland will handle your order with TLC and make your shopping experience seamless.  We strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction.   If you’re not happy, here’s where you can find us: 
Phone: 833-895-3853
E-mail: customerservice@dam-llc.com

DAM! Toys for everyone, since 1992!