About Snails

Snails: pioneer in water based nail polish
from Greece

Snails is a contraction of the words “safe” and “nails”. The product was created by Safe ‘N’ Beautiful. Safe ‘N’ Beautiful was established by a mother who decided to launch a line of safe beauty products for children and women out of a conviction that cosmetics should be chemical-free.

Water-based and washable nail polish
Snails is the first brand to introduce water-based and washable nail polish on the market. The nail polish is produced with a special “12-free” formula, meaning that the product is free from 12 types of chemicals. This makes Snails one of the safest nail polishes you will find anywhere in the world. The formula is composed of water (52%), acrylic polymer and non-toxic dyes.

Attractive and colorful bottles
The bottles are all very attractive and provided with a cute children’s ring in the shape of a circle of adorable little bows all around the cap. In addition to the many colours in the product range, Snails also features various collections. These include the Ballerina, the Fleur and the Rose Collection.
The rings in the Ballerina Collection feature sweet little tutus and those in the Fleur Collection are made from flowers. The colours of the nail polish in the Fleur Collection are all named after flowers.

Peel-off Rose Collection, topcoats and nail glitter
The “Rose Collection” is the first vegan PEEL-OFF nail polish, and is made from rose water and vitamins. The nail polish is odourless, water-based and free from harmful ingredients.
Topcoats are also available to keep the nail polish beautiful longer. There is a transparent one and one with colourful confetti. In addition to this, you can make Snails even more festive by adding nail glitter!

Discover the fun Snails gift sets with miniature bottles of nail polish in attractive packaging. Ideal to give as a gift!

Snails offers more!
The comprehensive collection also includes eye shadows, hair & body glitters, nail stickers, nail wraps, hair crayons, lip gloss and more.

Snails will make every child feel extra special!